We can proudly say that our company is unique in Hungary, since we are the only judge complex service company who is a complete, turnkey products and services it can offer its customers both in terms of technology, the gas station and the washers. The A-10 Environmental Plc. Was founded in 1997 in 100% Hungarian ownership base. Since 2005, our main activity is the sale of fuel tanks, manufacture, installation and licensing of those was.

Our company has washers and fuel stations as a specialist is always at the forefront of customer needs in the most appropriate equipment and turnkey full service offers free on-site survey at short notice, consultation.


Our main activities:


Today, a variety of types and sizes of containers beyond trade in container from the installation of wells, the interior and public transport stations design and craftsmanship, mixed fuels and additives trade, as well as other environmental services deal. In addition, we are permitting our partners and the various tender options available.

Full activity: site survey, select the appropriate product advice, obtaining necessary permits, preparation of certificates, the ordered product delivery, installation, periodic and mandatory or arising out of any mal-repair service.

Products and services are the main points:


fuel tanks: containers wells, tanks bound




petrol stations


AdBlue tank


Technical any subsidiary fuel products


installed and mobile washing equipment


design and engineering


full authorization


double-walled, standardization


industrial pipe repair


maintenance, periodic inspection


environmental review


fact finding






One of the most important objectives that Hungary has become a market leader in tank and wash system contractor-leading company constantly evolving, expert staff, a wide range of turnkey equipment and services environmentally friendly technologies to customers’ needs and requests of the utmost adapting to the A-10 Company..

For this reason, our staff continuous training involved, and we continuously monitor the industry’s latest achievements that we can always offer the best solutions for our partners up to date.


The A-10 Company. The purpose of the tank and the fuel station technology specialist, to carry out an operation that resulted in a significant load on the environment could be reduced to risk materials.


Sándor Czirok

Chief Executive Officer

A-10 Company.




The vast nature, man is tiny. So the existence of man depends on how contact with nature can create, how you understand it and how it uses its forces to their own use.

(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)