Fuel prices are changing this week

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Last week, the prices of gasoline and gas oil per liter increased by 3 forints, so that gasoline reached 349-350 HUF / l, while gas oil was 364-365 HUF / l. MOL modifies fuel prices again Friday, gasoline is 2 forints, gas oil is cheaper than 3 forints. With this, the average petrol price per liter is 347-348 forints and gas oil for 361-362 forints.


The price of petrol per liter was at an average price of 451 HUF / l at the beginning of April 2012 and the gas price was 449 HUF / l at the middle of January 2012 at the top. It is worth mentioning that there are some price differences of between 15 and 25 HUF between individual filling stations. This can mean a significant increase in costs for companies with higher consumption, so it is especially important to find an alternative that can save on these costs.

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