The tank bund is the best choice for you, if

  • you have to visit the gas station frequetly
  • visiting the gas station consume a lot of time
  • the fuel price chanes are annoying you
  • the fuel price changes make you more costs
  • you have a fuel tank, but that is not enough for your needs
  • you want to store lubricating oil and fuel oil in the tank

The advantages of tank bund

  • good price, first-rate quality
  • horizontal cylindrical design, first-class carbon steel
  • rapid inventory control submersible level transmitters
  • prevent any overcharging
  • safe design
  • full administration from the planning, through the implementation till the licensing
  • Automatic dispensers are accepted by the office, which you can use for tax return
  • free stie survey and consultancy

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Capacity SizeWeight /kg/Color
3 m31500x2450x1800  291szürke
5 m32000x3200x2000  442szürke
6 m32200x3200x2200  510szürke
9 m32100x3900x2300  596szürke
12 m32400x4100x2300  670szürke