Do you want to plant a gas station ready? We can do It for you?

Ask for planning from the manufacturer!

Do you want a gas station for your own or public use? We undertake the planning, serving you with tank and dispensers and the official licensing. We recommand you our precise and digital fuel pistols
Our dispensers are able to dose five kind of fuels (diesel, petrol, biodiesel, bioetanol).
The dispensers capacity are from 40 liter/minute from 120 liter/minute, that provides you the ability fuel trucks and bigger agricultural machineries quickly.

The fuel prices are continuously escalating, which has a great impact to the companys life, just as yours. If you have your own fuel tank you can fill It when the prices are low. This way you can save a lot of money, and your vulnerability from gas prices are going to be reduced.  Furthermore, If you order more than a certain price the delivery is going to be free.

If you use a huge amount of fuel It’s time to think about this solution.

You can fuel at your own plant or home. You can both money and time.

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