If you are looking for the right hop pillar that is safe and affordable, Choose our ADAST dispensers!

Suitable for filling liquid fuels (eg gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, bio oil, bioethanol fuels), you can choose from a suction or compression hose that can be located on the spring suspension hub (899x.4x – whip type) or on the well side (899.6x type).


Features of our Well Pillars:

They resist extreme weather conditions

Easy maintenance.

Economical operation

Designed, compact design.

Integrated hydraulic system

Electronic control and control unit

Proven longevity

Preselection keypad

High Precision Digital Endless Litmeter

An appropriately positioned automatic punch gun

Well heads, which are:

Comply with the strict standards and have been certified by NO CE 1026-AO FTZÚ, pp., Ostrava-Radvanice based on the ATEX 94/9 EC guidelines.

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