1 device that provides a solution to two problems

Reliable alternative fuel consumption and utilization of the refund check.

Who is it for?

Primarily to companies who used fuel, and for those who for their activities related to the identification of key medium (15000-100000 l / year) or in large quantities. The exact user controls provide magnetic keys, computer and communication facilities.

The benefits of refueling machines

It allows controlled fuel unsupervised release.

  • Easy to handle.
  • Safely dispensed.
  • Can you identify the vehicle and the driver (up to 5,000 copyright-protected card).
  • Thanks to an automatic pistol, the pump stops when the fuel reaches a certain level.
  • We offer a built-in remote area use.
  • The device mounted on the container fuel and steel containers also.
  • The metering chamber in one-year warranty, after-sales service we provide.
  • Using liter refund may take 6, 5 Ft tax relief in the 2010 CXXIII. under the Act.

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