Honey never goes out – that’s a fact. Unfortunately, all the other things in the world can go wrong at times.


Sometimes the tanks, metering devices can be damaged. For example, it does not work the wellhead due to filter clogging.


However, if you have the A-10 Company with relation to such problems quickly and effectively resolved.



We undertake tanks, containers, exhausted, automation, dispensers repairing, replacing filters. The error as soon as possible after the announcement of our colleagues at your location fixes.



The tanks, and other equipment operation, technical condition checked periodically. These tests are the A-10 Company. Underwrite affordable price. In fact, if 5 years our company undertake an examination of containers, repair warranty for an additional (For detailed information on the guarantees of the Guarantee menu).


Service contracts:

The A-10 Company. Additional amenities include a service contract can be an opportunity. If you purchase a tank binds us this agreement, then the whole warranty for 10 years (details will be specified in the service contract).


Flat-rate service may enter into a contract with us already for existing tank. In this case, the terms of contract filling station units overall screening is performed, which is then repeated every year, according to the contract and avert the problems arising in the meantime, according to the contract.



The purchased A-10 Ltd. to a maximum of products you can trust, we are confident in the quality of our products, and we guarantee this is for you.


5-year warranty we manufacture tanks, the equipment purchased from us assume one-year warranty.

We provide a guarantee for a further 5 years we manufacture tanks, if the first five-year review, ordered tanks to the A-10 Zrt.

10-year warranty for the tank body, if you purchase service contract with the Company installed by A-10 petrol stations maintenance (Details in the service menu).

. Ltd. A-10 tank technology and environmental protection specialist – so if you are affiliated with us, you never have to worry about failure.


For further information, please contact us at the e-mail address info@a10zrt.hu,

or + 36-62 / 552-066 V phone!